How To Choose The Best Ballet Studio For Your Child in Bogota

How To Choose The Best Ballet Studio For Your Child

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Has your child decided to study ballet? If so, choosing the right ballet studio will keep your child happy and safe. Here's how to pick an amazing studio!

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Did you know that ballet has been continuously evolving for over 400 years? It is the most technically established form of dance and is the foundation for understanding body movement in any ballet studio. 

Modern, Jazz, Hip Hop, Tap, and even Cheer may be offered at a dance studio, but a beginner should consider ballet classes to gain a basic understanding of body movement for stage performance. 

But what if you live in a big city like Botoga?

There are multiple choices, and you may feel overwhelmed to narrow it down to one.

Read on to find out how to choose the best dance studio for your child.

What Are You Looking For

The most important aspect of finding the best studio for your child is first knowing what you want. Are you looking for a place where your child can exercise and dance for fun? Or a place for your child to learn a skill and discipline?

If you are looking for quality, you may want to consider if the dance studio has any awards, experience in competitive events, or international performance opportunities.

Quality Teachers

Quality programs result from great leadership and high-quality instructors. You want to see a staff with a variety of dance skills, awards, and experiences.

Experience alone, however, does not make a good instructor.

Your child's teacher should be knowledgeable, yet supportive. During class, a teacher may correct a student on technique, but a good teacher will soon follow this with positive reinforcement.

Another indication of a quality teacher is how long she has worked at the dance studio. This is telling in multiple ways.

Having longtime staff members may show not only that the instructor is high-quality (and a desirable employee), but that the studio is a pleasant place to work.

Both are a great indication that the ballet studio will be a positive environment for your child.

Ballet Studio

Is the studio located within a distance you are willing to travel?

When factoring if a ballet studio is right for you, you may need to consider your time. After adding travel to and from a studio in addition to the instructional time, it may change your perspective on whether it is a good fit.

For some, this may not be a factor. If a quality experience is the most important aspect for your child, you might choose to ignore time constraints.

Another indication of a quality dance studio is if they have multiple locations.

Sucess says a lot.

When a studio has enough clientele to expand to numerous areas, this is an excellent indicator of a quality, in-demand ballet studio. 

Some studios allow students to take classes at all of their locations.

Finally, look inside the studio. Is it clean? Is it inviting?

Class Times

Although this may seem logical, it is often overlooked when choosing a studio.

Before you fall in love with a dance studio, you will want to make sure it can accommodate your schedule. Most studios have evening classes, but you may want to inquire if they have weekend availability.

Also, consider that class offerings will vary for age and ability level.

Class Sizes

Find out how many students are in the classes.

If your child is a beginner, you would not want her in a large class where she may get lost in the shuffle.

Sizes may vary in ability. If she has previous dance experience, this may not be a deciding factor.

Also, you may want to inquire if the dance studio offers private classes.

Performance Opportunities

After all of this hard work, however fun, your child deserves the opportunity to shine.

Investigate if the dance studio you are interested in has student performances. Some ballet studios offer competitive dance and will require the attendance of your child at various competitions.

If this appeals to you, you may want to seek a studio that competes internationally for a memorable life experience for your child.

Call Ahead

You can often find information on the internet, yet the schedules and names of classes may be confusing.

Don't be afraid to call the ballet studio that you are interested in. The staff can best explain the program to you and offer ideas that will fit your child's needs. Don't forget to ask about fees you may not have considered such as shoes, clothing, and performance wear.

Investigate the Feeling

When you're on that phone call, you may also want to ask when you could stop in and observe a class.

It's not uncommon that a ballet studio won't allow someone to watch a class. It could be distracting to the students.

Alternatively, they might have an observation window or videos for you to see. At the very least you could go in and see the condition of the studio and investigate the behavior of the staff.

Every good business should have a mission statement or philosophy to guide their staff.

Ask the studio what theirs is. A staff member should be able to paraphrase it for you at the very least.

Being able to tell you will show if quality, care, and a positive experience are important to the administration.

Make Your Choice

Location, quality, class times, quality, positive environment, and quality are several things you will want to consider while looking for a ballet studio.

If you still aren't sure which studio is right for you, check out Golden Dance and Cheer Academy.

With over 18 years of experience in training competitive dancers and athletes in Botoga, they are a clear choice. Their attention to quality classes within a supportive family environment will win you over.

Call them to see for yourself.