Fun Fitness Workouts You Can Get At Your Local Dance Studio

Fun Fitness Workouts At Your Local Dance Studio



There are so many options for dancing your way to fitness and having fun at the same time. Find out what's in store at your local dance studio.

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Chances are, when you're planning out a new fitness routine, you never considered taking a look at your local dance studio.

However, as you can see in successful dancers, physical fitness is one of the most important parts! Dance classes are rigorous and challenging.

No matter what style of dance you're interested in, taking classes at a dance studio can help you get in tip-top shape. Read on for the most fun fitness workouts you could enroll in at a dance studio near you.

Best Workouts at Your Local Dance Studio

The below styles of dance are four of the most popular ways to get a workout in and improve your moves.

Classic Ballet

Ballet is one of the most physically intensive types of activities in the world.

Professional ballet dancers go through years and years of intense training, perfecting every single movement and angle of their art.

Training to become a professional dancer is much different from simply taking ballet classes for fun and fitness. Still, even the least graceful people can benefit from the experience of learning how to dance ballet.

In addition to the physical workout, ballet classes provide an opportunity to learn rhythm and improve motor skills. They will also help you to increase flexibility.

Classical ballet is a demanding undertaking, but learning the proper techniques will leave you feeling strong and poised.

Today, barre classes have come on the scene as a popular use of classical ballet techniques in a more open environment. People who take barre classes usually are not trying to become professional ballet dancers.

Instead, they simply want the physical benefits found in the workouts done by ballet dancers who are training to rise to the top of their field.


Jazz is another very popular style of dance. Learning it can be rewarding both physically and mentally because jazz is a very fun style of dance.

There are different forms of jazz dance, but most incorporate modern music plus some ballet techniques. There are also more free movements that are subject to the interpretation of the music.

As in ballet, flexibility and strength are essential in jazz. Taking classes in jazz will quickly tone you up, build your muscles, and increase your flexibility.

Plus, many people find jazz music to be very relaxing mentally. Getting to listen to this soothing style of music while interpretive dancing to its funky smooth rhythms can be a boost to the health of mind and body.

Though jazz has flowing elements like ballet, it also uses sharp turns, high leaps, and clean footwork. Plus, you have to do all of this gracefully -- and make it look good!

Not only will jazz dancing make you lean and strong, it will also improve your poise and grace.


Most people think that cheerleading is just throwing around pom poms and yelling loud in support of a football team.

However, this is far from the truth, especially in the world of competitive cheerleading.

Whether you want to cheer on the sidelines of a professional sports team, compete in cheerleading competitions, or simply practice cheerleading for exercise, this physically demanding activity will take all of your focus and strength.

To practice cheer, you'll need heaps of strength and a lot of flexibility, too. Cheer squads consist of people in all different roles. You'll need way different skills to be a flyer than you will to be a base or back spot.

Still, all members of a cheer squad will have to be able to learn the dance moves in between tumbling stunts.

Cheerleading can be a dangerous sport. After all, you're tossing people into the air to do flips and tricks, then catching them with your bare hands. Yet, as long as you receive proper training, you will be able to execute even the most difficult stunts with ease.

Gymnastics and cheerleading go hand-in-hand. These two forms of exercise are meant to teach agility, flexibility, focus, and strength.

Cheerleaders have to be able to synchronize with their team, work in tandem, and keep their strength and energy up throughout the entire performance.

Choosing to try this for your workout is a quick way to get you to your fitness goals.

Urban Dance

Urban dance, also called hip-hop or street jazz, is also rising in popularity as a way to get fit. The emergence of Zumba classes in recent years is partially to thank for this.

Urban dance is a fun way to get fit and express yourself. Taking classes at a dance studio can help you learn specific techniques and skills that will bring your dancing game to the next level.

In order to train in this style of dance, you will need to develop quick, sharp footwork in addition to strength, agility, and great balance.

You'll have to be able to use your body in free and expressive ways in order to pull off the moves that come with this dance style.

You'll also need to be able to learn complicated choreography if you want to get good at urban dance.

However, if you're just in it for the workout, joining in an urban dance class at a nearby dance studio can be a really fun and exciting way to get your blood pumping.

Ready to Get Moving?

If learning to dance as part of your physical fitness routine seems like the right fit for you, then welcome to the world of dance!

If you have any questions about styles of dance or how to get fit at your local dance studio, please contact us.

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