5 Reasons to sign your child up for cheer classes


5 Reasons to Sign Your Child Up for Cheer Classes

Wondering if you should sign your son or daughter up for cheer classes?

Cheerleading can be a great way for children to learn valuable life skills. It's an extremely active, strength building sport, yet also teaches morals outside the physical realm.

If you're looking into competitive cheerleading as a new extracurricular activity for your child, we have five good reasons why you should jump at the opportunity.

There are far more than five benefits of cheer, but these are the top reasons that you can keep in mind as you weigh the decision to enroll your child in classes or not.

1. Build Confidence

One of the main things that cheer classes provide to your child is a huge boost of confidence.

Developing the character and charisma it takes to learn routines, support your teammates, and then perform on stage in full costume is a real accomplishment.

As your child learns new skills, excels at more advanced moves that are difficult to learn, and then tests his or her limits, there's no way to avoid the huge smile that will accompany the end result.

In addition to increased confidence, your child will develop the ability to do well under pressure. Feeling nervous, scared, pressured, or uncomfortable is okay -- it's powering through it that makes you who you are.

This is a skill he or she can take into their career, relationships, and life as a whole. It is an irreplaceable thing to learn at an early age.

2. Team Player

Another skill that cheer classes teach is how to be a team player. A cheer squad must work in sync.

All cheerleaders on a squad must work together to time their moves perfectly, know when to expect other members of the team to be in place, and build trust that fellow cheer members will do their jobs well.

In cheerleading, especially in the competitive sector, teamwork is essential. It can make the difference between pulling off a stunt perfectly and seriously injuring a teammate.

Knowing, trusting, and encouraging other team members is a vital component of any successful cheer squad. If all members do not work together in perfect harmony to nail a stunt, the stunt will fail, resulting in embarrassment and even danger.

Learning how to be a team player is just one of the many valuable lifelong skills that cheer classes can provide.

3. Physical Exercise

Physical exercise is a huge part of being a competitive cheerleader. You can't pull off stunts like back handsprings or lifting your flyer into a liberty if you're not physically fit.

Building strength and staying active are a huge perk to cheering on the regular.

Cheer classes are very demanding, and your child will get a great workout from taking up this sport. Usually, cheer practices consist of a warm-up activity, like a short jog, and then get into specific moves and learning choreography.

Children will build their muscles, increase their endurance, and develop healthy habits by signing up to become cheerleaders.

The new level of health your child will reach through the exercise and practicing their rigorous cheer routines is a great added benefit of signing up to compete in this space.

4. Socialize and Make New Friends

Of course, life isn't just about physical health and becoming a team player. It's also about the ability to form strong social skills and make new friends anywhere.

A competitive cheer group may bring together a diverse group of children who would not normally meet. All walks of life have an interest in cheerleading, so getting to spend time with people who are different comes with the territory.

The chance to build social skills by forming close connections with other children is very good for your child.

Forget the cheer routines, dance moves, and the thrill of competition -- what will truly last for your child from learning cheer is the friendships made and the bonds formed.

Having the chance to make friends who share similar interests and are working together for a common goal is priceless. Cheer classes offer that chance as just part of the experience.

5. Goal Setting and Dedication

Lastly, through cheer classes, your child will learn how to set goals and work hard to achieve them.

Learning that important skill of dedication to a goal will set your child up for a lifetime of success. It is something they will carry with them throughout all of life.

Allowing your child to aspire to hit a lofty goal will motivate them and keep them focused on the task at hand. It is important to learn at an early age how to work hard for what it is that you want to have in life.

Competitive cheer walks your child through every step of the process.

From starting cheer classes as a novice all the way to winning that first medal or trophy for an amazing onstage performance at a cheer competition, the experience offers a journey from a humble beginning all the way to a glorious victory. That feeling is something no parent can give to their child -- only an independent project can provide it.

Cheer can give your child amazing lessons they would not learn any other way.

Where to Sign Up For Cheer Classes

Are you ready to sign your child up for cheer classes? We offer the chance for kids ages three and up to start building their cheerleading skills.

Our cheer program combines gymnastics, acrobatics, and dance skills so your child is getting a very comprehensive look at the sport of cheerleading.

They will learn all kinds of skills and build flexibility, technical skills, and become agile through their practice of cheerleading.

The graceful components and expressive movements learned during cheerleading practice build on to the technical abilities like spotting, balance, and staying focused in order to ensure ultimate safety.

The safety component also teaches your child responsibility and compassion for others.

Ready to get your child started on their cheerleading journey? Contact us for more information!